Managers SEED (Skills Enhancement for Empowerment &Development)

20 Mar 2021 till 21 Mar 2021 08:30 AM - 04:00 PM

The workshop reviews the essential skills good managers share and several frameworks for conducting such routine tasks as conducting one –on-one meetings, communicating expectations, holding people accountable, delegating, providing feedback, and coaching people to think for themselves. This workshop also offers several suggestions to help managers with their own assignments to balance those obligations with their managerial responsibilities.

  1. Understanding team dynamics and encouraging good relationships
  2. Selecting & Developing the right people
  3. Delegating Effectively
  4. Motivating People
  5. Managing, discipline and dealing with conflicts
  6. Communicating Effectively
  7. Planning, Making Decisions & Problem solving
  8. Avoiding common managerial mistakes
Who Should Attend:
  1. Young Professionals who are on the verge of becoming Managers
  2. Managers who want to enhance their managerial skills to advance in their careers
  3. Everyone interested in developing their skills and improving their knowledge
Course Length:
8 Hours
BAU Community Fees:
Fees: 175.000 L.L.

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