Grasshopper and Rhino 3D

1 Mar 2021 till 10 Mar 2021 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Parametric logic thinking (Procedural design process and interdependent relations)
Rhino / Grasshopper essentials:
• Rhino Intro, GH Interface, loft, 3D rotation, split, trim, filet corner....
• Transforms, Planes, Surfaces, offset surfaces, control points, flow along surface
. Layers and materials
application of them on examples
• Lists, Culling, Boolean Logic, cage edit, rebuild...
• NURBS & Mesh difference between them, Brep
• Lists & Data Tree: management, manipulation, visualization
• Exercises (Attractor field as point and curves using closest points and curve closest points)
• advanced application

.series, triangulations, different paterns such as diamonds, hexagonal, skewed, staggered cells and application on 3D using morph,surface box and blend box)
.Voronoi 2D and 3D
. waffling and contouring
Used plugins:
weaverbird (catmull-clark subdivision, picture frame, thicken, windows)
lunch box (panels, paterns,structure)
mesh edit

Notice: you will learn how to extract 2D drawings such as plans, section and 3D sections.
in addition to application of all the commands on examples pavilion, furniture,shadings,masses and facades

Who Should Attend:

All students or professionals in the field Architecture and Engineering

Course Length:
20 Hours
BAU Community Fees:
Residents Fees: 450.000 L.L. Foreigners Fees: 100$

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