Decision Making


This course analyzes the symbiotic relationship between leadership and decision making. It combines theory and practice to inform the participants of the latest and best studies on how effective decisions are made, as well as how bad decisions can be avoided. Attention will be paid to recent research in neuroscience on the dual aspects of the decision-making process: intuitive vs. rational, and the respective values of both. Similarly the qualities that make for an outstanding leader will be discussed, especially in terms of strategic decision making and implementation to maximize results for the organization.


- The psychological pitfalls in decision making.
- Establishing a culture of decisive action in a company to counteract indecision.
- Coping with “information overload” in decision making.
- Regularly using the decision-making process, and not as a periodic event.
- The importance of psychological self-awareness, especially cognitive biases and the illusion of rationality
- Personal qualities of successful leaders.
- Models of “transformational leaders” for analysis and application.

Who Should Attend:

Leaders and decision makers are not limited to top management in an organization. This course appeals to individuals at all levels of authority in all kinds of organizations: corporate, academic, governmental, and service.

Course Length:
3 Days

Not specified

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