Emotional Intelligence


There’s a lot of buzz centered around emotional intelligence in the workplace right now, and with good reason. Cutting-edge research into emotional intelligence has shown that it plays a critical role in higher productivity, performance, and job satisfaction. People who have a high level of emotional intelligence are more confident, more capable, and earn greater respect from their colleagues. They are also better able to stay calm, flexible, and focused when workplace crises hit and panic threatens to set in.


Studies have shown that emotional intelligence can have a profound effect on a person’s ability to create more rewarding, collaborative, and satisfying workplace relationships. This, in turn, leads to greater productivity, reduced stress and anxiety, higher levels of performance, and a greater sense of teamwork and camaraderie — all critical components of a successful, productive workplace.

When companies hire based on emotional intelligence competencies — like initiative, self-confidence, and leadership — turnover rates drop, productivity levels rise, and profits tend to increase. Participants are expected to:
• Gain revealing insights into what compels people to act the way they do.
• Work more effectively with others — even difficult, highstrung personalities.
• Learn to keep your emotions in check, and help coworkers do the same.
• Become more confident when interacting with colleagues, team members, and superiors.
• Determine your current level of emotional intelligence
• Defuse tense situations, mediate conflicts.
• Improve relationships.

Who Should Attend:

Leaders, program directors, managers and anyone with an interest in improving a company’s overall performance and serving the customers with excellence.

Course Length:
1 Day

Not specified

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