Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital


This course is for aspiring or active entrepreneurs who wants to understand how to secure funding for their company. This course will demystify key financing concepts to give entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs a guide to secure funding. The course has been designed to offer participants exposure to the day-to-day activities of the venture capital business – including strategies for managing investments, investment portfolios, venture capital firms, and an early career in venture capital. Specific topics include investment selection, due diligence, valuation, negotiation, portfolio company management, exits, limited partners, and firm management.


Participants will develop a perspective and a framework for understanding the practical aspects of the business as well as the current state of the venture capital industry, understanding of risks involved in venture capitalist, examine how companies generate revenue for growth, understand the terminology used around the stock exchange, learn the difference between Bankruptcy and Liquidation.

Who Should Attend:

Not specified

Course Length:
42 Hrs

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