Financial Engineering Interactive Learning


The stock markets are the place where every public company gets evaluated based on the bid-ask game. The task each trader every morning has is to select stocks to buy or sell. Many people go with the news, or some pseudo-mathematical indicators in order to make a decision. The DSS (DailyStockSelect) provides top notch, advance modern tools and methods in order to making educated decisions. The DSS algorithms allow the traders to test trading strategies, through a technique called Backtesting. Disciplined trading is a key for a successful portfolio management.
Backtesting a strategy for a certain period of time (a few months to a few years) then sticking to it in live trading is a suited behavior that big investment companies look for. After testing several trading strategies, that take on our servers about 5 minutes each, one can save its favorite strategy in order to daily use it in his/her homework. The homework, will essentially consist of daily managing a portfolio with real life data and fake money.


The aim of the workshop is to introduce the attendees to the modern discipline of computer assisted decision making, when dealing with portfolio management. Instead of falling in greed-fear traps, that can be manipulated by the market makers, the attendees will have clear tested strategies they will follow whatever the outside influences are. In addition, since the market behavior is prone to “black swans”, the attendees will learn how to systematically use automatic, computer set, protections (stop-loss and target gain).

Who Should Attend:

Finance students willing to work for, and employees/ managers of, hedge funds, investment banks, brokerage firms. Also people willing to invest money in the stock markets, or to start their own investment firms.

Course Length:
20 Hrs

Computer office and surfing on the Internet. Some general idea about stock-exchanges.

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