Financial Statements Analysis


The participant will develop a set of core skills essential to financial statement analysis. It will cover strategic ratio analysis, cash flow analysis, forecasting, proforma financial statements, and firm valuation using discounted cash flow and residual income techniques. The course emphasizes the practical application of the material using a combination of Experiences and hands-on examples.


1- Explain business analysis and its relation to financial statement analysis.
2- Identify and discuss different types of business analysis.
3- Explain business activities and their relation to financial statements.
4- Describe the purpose of each financial statement and linkages between them.
5- Identify the relevant analysis information beyond financial statements.
6- Analyze and interpret financial statements as foundation for more detailed analysis.
7- Apply basic financial statement analysis techniques.
8- Describe basic valuation models.

Who Should Attend:

Not specified

Course Length:
30 Hrs

Not specified

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