Junior Game Design


In this introductory course, kids will learn the basics of game design using Multimedia Fusion. The software is a visual programming language that allows anyone, young children as well as adults, even those without programming knowledge and experience, to create rich 2D games on any platform. Participants won’t write a single line of code; still they will be able to develop games like Flappy Birds, Super Mario and other arcade hits!


1- Design 2D platform game levels.
2- Create a character with all of the necessary controls, such as movement and the ability to throw objects.
3- Develop a scoring and health system.
4- Create game rules, events, and actions.
5- Create and handle collisions between different characters, and between characters and other objects.
6- Apply conditional statements (if/then, if/else).
7- How to use variables.
8- Animate and design Sprites and Background (people, animals, objects, etc.).

Who Should Attend:

Kids 9 – 12 years old.

Course Length:
16 Hours

Not specified.

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