Junior Programming


In this introductory course, participants will get a taste for real-world programming, leading them on their path to app and software programming.
Participants will think creatively while learning the basics of programming with Scratch (a project from the MIT Media Lab) through creating their own Animation, Drawing, Games, Interactive Art, Math, Music and Simulation projects.


1- Explore computational thinking concepts (i.e. sequence, loops, parallelism, event handling, conditionals, Boolean logic, operators, variables, arrays, strings, mathematical functions).
2- Apply programming practices (working iteratively and incrementally, testing and debugging, reusing and remixing, abstracting and modularizing...)
3- Get familiar with the X-Y and Polar coordinate systems.
4- Animate and design Sprites and Background (people, animals, objects, etc.)
5- Download from, upload to, and share projects on Scratch online community.

Who Should Attend:

Kids from 8 – 12 years old.

Course Length:
16 Hrs

Not specified

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