Nutritional Management of a subfertile obese female; antenatal /postnatal care- A case study approach


Obesity is a major health issue associated with infertility and many other co-morbid conditions. Studies show weight-loss is extremely valuable in the management of such patients, can enhance fertility, and lead to successful full term pregnancies. Moreover, once pregnancy occurs, obesity is a significant health issue for women during pregnancy as it is well recognized that maternal obesity is associated with an increased risk of antenatal, peripartum and neonatal complications. Obesity not only has direct implications for the health of the pregnancy but also impacts on the weight of the child in infancy and beyond. Additionally, women need to attain good nutritional status before, during and after, pregnancy to optimize maternal health and reduce the risks of birth defects.

This workshop summarizes related current evidence based guidelines and makes recommendations for best practice regarding the nutritional care of a subfertile obese female before, during and after, pregnancy.


Working through the case should enable healthcare providers to:

  1. Identify the evidence-based guidelines in assessment and nutritional management of a subfertile obese female (perinatal, antenatal and post-natal care)
  2. Summarize and apply the appropriate lifestyle-based therapy for the management of obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome associated with subfertility including nutritional, physical activity, behavioral approaches.
  3. Indicate the FDA approved pharmacological approaches in obesity management.
  4. Assess patients for their need and appropriateness for bariatric surgery and determine surgical options.
  5. Evaluate and nutritionally manage patients with high-risk pregnancy.
  6. Develop a management plan and be able to advise the patient appropriately.
Who Should Attend:

Physicians (OB & GYN specialists – general practitioners – family physicians) and Dietitians.

Course Length:
One day
Course Title Instructor Name Start Date End Date
Nutritional Management of a subfertile obese female; antenatal /postnatal care- A case study approach 21 May 2016 21 May 2016

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