Practical Accounting


This course will continue to build upon the basic accounting skills. It will explore the more complex areas of stockholder’s equity, accounting for Bonds, financial statement analysis, and introduce the area known as managerial accounting. The skills you will learn from this course will serve as the foundation for numerous accounting and business courses that will follow. The accounting profession and those working in the business environment use the terms and accounting principles introduced in this course.


If you successfully complete this course, you will be able to understand the methodologies used in accounting for the organization of a corporation, record stock dividends, understand the basic accounting for the issuance of corporate bonds, prepare basic financial statement analysis, allocate joint costs among user departments, understand the principles of cost-volume-profit analysis, understand the basics of master and flexible budgets, compute basic cost variances, apply and understand accounting theory and techniques in order to pursue further study in accounting or to improve one’s ability to manage personal finances, use the computer in an accounting specific application and use a computerized word processing program to prepare writing assignments.

Who Should Attend:

Not specified

Course Length:
4 Days

Principles of Accounting I

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