Robotics Using LabVIEW


This course aims to teach a programing language that is a tool used by engineering students, and professional engineers in creating projects and Virtual Instruments, LabVIEW™ is a graphical programing language which will be used in this course. Robotics using LabVIEW™ will introduce students to basic LabVIEW™ programming.
They will be challenged to work through exercises that develop code for their robot. This course will take students through the process of navigating LabVIEW™ and learning to use its features. It will also teach students helpful techniques that will build a great foundation for programming in LabVIEW™ as they move into programming specifically for the NXT and LEGO MINDSTORMS robots.


The purpose of this Academy is to bridge the gap between schools and universities and to enable students to enroll in the faculty of engineering with confidence and determination The Little Engineer® has tailored a set of three courses to introduce young minds to the world of engineering, familiarizing them with the programming languages that they will be definitely using at the university level while equipping them with the skills needed to surf their journey easily in the faculty of engineering not to forget that we heavily stress on enhancing their public speaking skills.

Who Should Attend:

High School Students ( G9-G12 )

Course Length:
20 Hrs

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