Softpharm software training course


In 1997 “SoftPharm” the only specialized software for pharmacies was launched in the Lebanese market. SoftPharm.Net is not a mere Inventory & financial POS system as it is the only scientific system in the MENA region that handles drugs’ generic names and indications following the pharmacologic class and leading to identification of drugs’ interaction and contra-indications.




  • Fully descriptive Stock Card (indication, form, family, agent, laboratory, manufacturing country, up to date prices, bar-code, NSSF, on prescription, psychotropic, VAT , generic name, pharmacology class, contra indication , …) + Drugs’ pictures
  • Advanced Stock Classification possibility
  • Multi units that can be set to be used in all or selected transactions (Sales or/and Purchase or/and Inventory…)
  • Several Barcodes by product
  • Each unit may have a different barcode
  • Each Expiry Date May have a unique barcode which makes the Inventory tracking with a Data Collector much easier.
  • Picture of the product that can also be displayed during the sales Process.
  • Capability of implementation in “Medical” and non-Medical fields.
  • Customers classification & pricing by customer classification
  • Online Automatic Price Synchronization       (for Drugs upon the nssf prices )
  • Easy connectivity to Cash drawers, Customer display and Receipt printer (for VAT)
  • Multi-Branches
  • Multi-Locations
  • Web based ERP solution
  • SoftPharm application is available for Ipad and mobile phones.
  • Cloud-based solution.

B-Daily Operations:

  • Point of Sales cash Receipts, Credit invoicing and Return on sales.
  • Fastest on line invoicing with 4 printout forms (Normal invoice, NSSF , VAT receipt and Performa invoice)
  • Barcode generation and Printing
  • Purchase manipulation .(suppliers invoices , unpaid scheduled dues SCM)
  • Advanced Pricing formulas in Purchase
  • Tracking of Returned Products to Suppliers
  • Advanced & extremely Flexible Payment to Suppliers
  • Inventory Management (stock card , stock evaluation , minimum qty …)
  • Automatic drugstore or agent ordering following most professional methods of reorder levels, reorder quantity and applying latest e-business concepts through electronic placement of orders and invoices.
  • Insurance Management
  • Just one click and you adjust all your prices according to the manufacturing country’s currency.
  • Cashbox Checkup (According to shifts & time & Cashier & Machine )
  • Alerts for Products that are soon going to be expired
  • Alerts upon Patients
  • Emails and SMS


  • Inventory updated from Data Collector Tracking
  • Loyalty Card
  • Sending Orders from pharmacies and receiving purchase invoices drug’s agents. (This option is applicable in case the pharmacy is using SoftPharm.Net and the agent is using target.Net software).
  • Call Center and Delivery


  • View on screen or print out information on all available local drugs or     para-pharmaceutical products (more than 34.000 Items), brand name and generic name, pharmacology class, normal dosage & administration mode, drug-to-drug interactions, contra indications and same generic names.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool with a complete patient profile of personal information, allergy and illness tracking, medical history, billing records, purchases history, reserved products etc…
  • First Aid intervention, the urgent steps to take before the arrival of specialists.
  • Tracking prescriptions following doctors’ specialization.
  • On prescription and psychotropic drugs on line warning.
  • Net is well designed and developed by adopting HL7 standards.


  • Complete accounting integration
  • Automatic posting of transactions: Sales, Purchases, expenses
  • Receivables and Payables
  • Daily bank accounts follow up: deposit, withdrawal, compensation, interest
  • Impressive statistical analysis with the corresponding graphs giving you a professional image for your pharmacy management.
  • Payment Voucher (Possibility to settle invoices or account of 1 supplier of several currencies )
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Debit & Credit notes
  • Pharmacy expenses (rent, electricity, phone bills, salaries, insurance…)
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Statement of Account
  • Trial Balance
  • Over 250 reports, Stock evaluation, Over stock, Slow and fast moving items, expiry dates, periodical VAT summary report, Statement of account, General journal, Trial balance, pharmacy different charges (electricity bills, phone bills, salaries, rent …), budgeting, profit or loss statement


Complete synchronization between Head Office & branches

SoftPharm. NET handles many branches separately and gives consolidated or separate:

  • Financial statements
  • Stock movement , Analysis & Statistics


  • Full network configuration.
  • Supports wide area networking and communication.
  • Huge Database capacity.
  • Users levels and access to protect your privacy and avoid normal users (employees,…) from seeing your cost, offers, statistics, cashbox, …
  • Tri-lingual user interface that supports Arabic, English & French languages with the possibility to extend it more with minimal efforts.
  • User friendly interface .

 Underlying Technology:

  • C#.Net technology
  • SQL server database engine

For this purpose, High level contacts have been made with “Microsoft” who believed in the importance of the product, studied NIT’s technical and marketing capabilities and the result was the signature of an agreement that included the following:

  • NIT commits to develop the software as per Microsoft standards to become a “Microsoft certified product”.

The agreement with “Microsoft” increases the strength, trust and the marketing capabilities of the developed software.

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