Director’s message

The demand on continuing education programs is witnessing an unprecedented proliferation in the last few years.

The possession and improvement of technical and management skills by professionals already in the workforce is becoming highly significant and vital.

This necessitates the establishment of dedicated units and centers to satisfy the demand of workforce development in specialized and customized training courses and programs.

At Beirut Arab University, we understand very well the fact that knowledge is never a given, it is earned. For this reason we established the Center for Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE) in September 2014 to better reach the wide BAU community by offering high quality life-long learning programs that meet the demands of professionals and students irrespective of age, gender, or qualifications.

CCPE aims to satisfy the learning needs in an assorted variety of fields including business and management, information technology, law, medicine, dentistry, engineering, arts, human studies, and health sciences. Leveraging the expertise of BAU’s faculties, CCPE provides individual non-credit courses, certificate and/or diploma programs and training workshops. CCPE upholds the slogan “Delivering knowledge to every willing heart”.

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