Android App Development


In this course, participants will be introduced to App Inventor, a web application originally provided by Google, and now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). App Inventor lets participants develop applications for Android phones using a web browser and either a connected phone or emulator. The App Inventor servers store participants’ work and help them keep track of their projects.


1- Explore computational thinking concepts (i.e. sequence, loops, parallelism, event handling, conditionals, Boolean logic, operators, variables, arrays, strings, mathematical functions).
2- Apply programming practices (working iteratively and incrementally, testing and debugging, reusing and remixing, abstracting and modularizing...).
3- Get familiar with the X-Y and Polar coordinate systems.
4- Animate and design Sprites and Background (people, animals, objects, etc.).
5- Download from, upload to, and share projects on Scratch online community.

Who Should Attend:

Kids from 8 – 16 years old.

Course Length:
16 Hrs

Not specified

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