Mobile Maintenance

19 Nov 2022 till 14 Jan 2023 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Mobile maintenance course is a technical course (software and hardware) that introduces mobile world to students from the technical and electrical view.
It will cover the electronics soldering and troubleshooting of the mobile phones problems.


- Electronics parts (testing, behaviors and soldering).
- Disassembly of mobile phones.
- ICs: functionality, soldering and testing.
- Power supply usage.
- Troubleshooting common faults in each circuit.
- knowing and testing how to do software for mobiles (OS installation).
- Data transfers between mobile phones.

Who Should Attend:

- Each student has an overview in electronics or technical soldering skills and wants to discover this world, can easily attend (this course is Not that very easy and strict!!). To get the maximum benefits students should attend and practice then practice then practice, from the beginning of the course.

Course Length:
30 Hours
BAU Community Fees:
BAU Student: 80$ - Non BAU: 100$

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