The Power of Better Agile in Education

17 Jan 2023 till 26 Jan 2023 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

In this training you will understand why project management has changed due to challenges and weaknesses in historical perspectives towards management. We will also discover why agile methods are product focused not project focused. Nowadays, projects are considered long- term and aim at creating value to the institution with a permanent team who is capable of developing, testing, integrating and supporting the business or the institution.


• Identify the steps of work evolution
• List the stages of a project
• Project management models
• Define Agile project management
• Determine the life cycle of agile project management
• Understand Agile in Educational Management
• Test the effectiveness and success of Agile projects
• Discuss the Agile challenges

Who Should Attend:

Student teachers

Course Length:
9 hrs
BAU Community Fees:
BAU Students: 45$ Alumni & Non-BAU: 65$ Foreigners: 800$

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